Valentine’s Day Card Ideas Using Your Cricut

Valentine’s Day Card Ideas Using Your Cricut

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Are you looking for some ideas for some inspiration when it comes to making Valentine cards? Well we have them for you here! The cricut machine is the perfect DIY tool for making Valentine’s Day Gifts! 

One of the first things that I ever made with the Cricut was a card. It is a great beginner project for the cricut as it allows you to quickly learn some cool features of your machine and learning cool things with the Cricut design space! Cricut crafting is also a budget friendly and a great way to make gifts!

So today my friends, ditch the idea of store-bought cards and get your creative juices flowing! You are about ready to express your special love, one card at a time! 

Time To Get Started!

Materials You Will Need:

  • Fine Point Blade
  • Scoring Stylus or Scoring wheel
  • High quality paper, cardstock works great
  • Cricut Mat

You will also need to use the cricut design space. If you are a beginner, you may want to click the link here to watch a Cricut Design Space Tutorial. This will allow you to become familiar with the layout of Design Space to get started.

Steps For Creating Your Valentine’s Day Card Using Your Cricut

Step 1 - Add square and resize it

Click on “Shapes” which is located on the left side panel of the screen. Add a Square shape. All sides are the same length at this point. You will need to change that. Go to the Size option on the top panel, and then click on the little lock between Width and Height to modify each variable. You can also unlock proportions by selecting the square on the canvas and then clicking the lock located on the lower-left corner of the selection.

After unlocking proportions, go ahead and size the card according to your preferences. Something to consider is that if you wanted to make a 5 x 7 in. card, you would need a 10 x 7 rectangle because you will be folding it.

After folding it, the size of this card would be 5 x 3.5 in. Therefore the square size would be 10 x 7 in.

Step 2 Add Scoring Line and Align

After sizing your card, click on “Shapes” and select “Score Line in the drop down menu. A dashed line will appear on the canvas. This will mean that you are creating a fold in the paper and not a cut. Resize the line to fit the entire square you created. Drag a box on the pieces that we want to select, and Click Align and in the drop down menu click “Horizontally”. 

Step 3 Creating the Cutout Shape

Now you can go back to Shapes on the left side panel and click on the heart shape and center in on the right half of the card. If you are happy with its placement, you can go ahead and cut it out by dragging a box that touches both of the pieces that we want to select “Slice”. Slice acts like a cookie cutter by cutting the object out of the top layer. Place the hearts to the side of the card and delete. It should look like there is now a heart shaped cutout on the card now. 

If you want to show a different color for the inside shape of your heart, you simply go to “Shapes” and add another box. Make the box slightly smaller than the size of the card. You can change the color of the box at the time. You can glue the other color cardstock to after, or you can make little cuts with the Cricut so to allow you to place the paper in the four corners later. You can do this by clicking “Shapes” and then click “Score Line”. You will go up to the top panel and change Line Type to: “Cut”. You can now resize the line, and rotate it into the corner. Make sure your cutline goes overtop of the card and overlay. You can now duplicate it in the top right hand panel and proceed to finish each corner.

If you want to see what your creation is going to look like at this point, you can go to the top panel and click “Arrange”, “Send to back”.

Make It:

We need to attach everything now before we make the card. This is an extremely important step. We need to separate the insert from the card. In order to do this, under “Layers” click the little eye on the right side of the added layer. This will exclude that layer from the rest for now. 

Select everything now by dragging a box around the card. You can now click “Attach” at the bottom right hand corner. You can now go back to the excluded layer and click the little eye icon so it will be put back on.

Click  “Make It”, and you will be asked what material you are using. Click on “Cardstock” and make sure that you have your fine point blade loaded. Place the “Layer” cardstock down first on the mat and click your machine to print. 

For the second layer now, which will be your card layer, you will need to make sure that you have a scoring wheel or scoring stylus loaded in order for it to print. You can now cut out your card.




You can now fold your card in the middle and add in your insert. Simply, insert the other layer into the little cuts that you created in the Cricut Design Space. 

Now You Have A Beautiful Card, ready for Your special message!

Check out this Amazing Video Tutorial that shows you step by step how to make a Valentine’s Card using your Cricut: How to Make Cards With Your Cricut Maker

Some tips for you:

  • Think Big and Bright! Picture a store bought card, they are most always in bright colors, and big bold fonts. There are funny pictures, or patterns at the very least. I like to interchange font styles. 
  • Try different shapes! What is more appropriate for Valentine’s than Hearts, or stars!
  • You can also try different colors of cardstock. You may also want to look for glitter cardstock, vinyl or corrugated paper. These all can add an upgrade to your project!

For A Little Inspiration Check out these Card Making Ideas for Valentines Day!

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