Frequently Asked Questions

For all other inquiries please feel free to contact us at any time!

Currently, we only ship to the US and Canada

You can expect your order within 5 - 7 days of initial order

Our products are dispersed all around North America for quick and convenient shipping. However, some items are further from others and take a little longer to arrive. Once you have received the firs half of your order please allow 3-4 days for the second half to arrive. If it has not arrived please contact us immediately.

1. Create Your Design

2. Insert your vinyl in your t-shirt making machine

3. Cut around your design you have just created

4. Locate the corner of your design and start weeding

5. Lay your design down on the fabric (Make sure all wrinkles are out of the shirt before applying)

6. Make sure the steam setting is turned off

7. Apply the iron on to the design for 40-70 seconds depending on the thickness of the material

Our Product is Both Hot and Cold Peel.