HTV Labs Bundle ( Red, White and Black )
HTV Labs Bundle ( Red, White and Black )
HTV Labs Bundle ( Red, White and Black )
HTV Labs Bundle ( Red, White and Black )

HTV Labs Bundle ( Red, White and Black )

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What makes HTV Labs Heat Transfer Vinyl so great?

Our vinyl is like none other... Our vinyl is made with the highest quality material to allow our customers to feel confident when washing and drying their creations. Our vinyl isĀ easy to weedĀ just peel it off in seconds withĀ no damage or nasty snagsĀ to your creations. HTV Labs Heat Transfer Vinyl was engineered to offer a seamless weeding and transferring process for all types of fabrics!


āœ”Ā Easy to WeedĀ - We can assure you that our vinyl canĀ cut and weed better than traditional vinyl. This provides a more professional outcome for your designs.

āœ”Ā SmoothĀ Transfer ProcessĀ - Our vinyl has a proprietary bonding solution that had been scientifically proven to bond better with fabrics than standard vinyl.

āœ”Ā Waterproof Bonding SolutionĀ - Our whole vinyl collection has been modified to have a built-in waterproofing bonding solution for longer-lasting designs!

How to use HTV Labs Heat Transfer Vinyl:

  • Create Your Design
  • Insert your vinyl in your t-shirt making machine
  • Cut around your design you have just created
  • Locate the corner of your design and start weeding
  • Lay your design down on the fabric (Make sure all wrinkles are out of the shirt before applying)
  • Make sure theĀ steam setting is turned off

Apply the iron on to the design forĀ 40-70 secondsĀ depending on the thickness of the fabric


Extra Details

SIZE - Ā  Ā 12in x 6ft

WEIGHT - Ā 8.2 OuncesĀ 



TRANSFER TIME -Ā 20 - 40 Seconds


SHIPPING TIME -Ā 5-10 Business Days


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