HTV LABS Adhesive Vinyl Bundle ( Red, White, Black, and Transfer Tape)

HTV LABS Adhesive Vinyl Bundle ( Red, White, Black, and Transfer Tape)

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Bring Your Creations to Life…


✔ Easy to Weed - Our vinyl is guaranteed to cut and weed better than traditional vinyl. This provides a more professional outcome for your designs.

✔ Waterproof Bonding Solution - All HTV Labs Adhesive vinyl comes with a waterproof bonding solution to give you optimum quality stickers.

✔  Ultra-Thin Design  -  HTV Labs Adhesive vinyl is 2x thinner than standard adhesives. This will provide a seamless transferring experience.


What makes HTV Labs Adhesive Vinyl so good? Our vinyl is like none other... Our vinyl is made with the finest material to allow our customers to feel confident when applying their creations. Our vinyl is easy to weed just peel it off in seconds with no damage to your creations. HTV Labs Adhesive Vinyl also has an easy application process and will not snag when applying!

How to use HTV Labs Adhesive Vinyl

  • Create Your Design
  • Insert your vinyl in your cutting machine
  • Cut around the design you have just created
  • Locate the corner of your design and start weeding
  • Apply your HTV Labs Transfer Paper on top of your weeded design (Remove all bubbles between the transfer paper and the vinyl)
  • Slowly pull up on the transfer paper
  • Apply the design to any surface
  • Remove all the bubbles between the design and the surface
  • Peel back the transfer tape