How to Use Any Cricut Machine

There is nothing more exciting than starting a new crafting hobby! Cricut crafting and design are a great hobby to start!  So many of my friends have purchased Cricut machines lately and love them! It becomes real fun to share ideas with each other!

So you may have purchased a brand new Cricut Machine and find yourself asking, where do I begin? 

Using the Cricut Machine is very easy to learn once you understand all of the functions of the machine and how to use the application. I have created a simple Cricut setup guide to help get you creating in no time!


I would suggest making a crafting space or area for your machine and computer so that it is ready for creating projects anytime! 

Make sure that you leave enough space for your Cricut machine and the mats, so there will be no interference for the Cricut to cut your project. 

Keep in mind that mats are 12” long or 24” long for bigger projects.

You will also need space for your computer or laptop. The nice thing about the Cricut Machine is that you will not need to plug your machine into the computer using a cord. It is all done wirelessly. You will however, need to plug your machine into an electrical outlet.






To use your Cricut cutting machine you will need to download the software called Design Space.    You can use design space on your computer, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android devices. The Design Space is where you will create your designs to be uploaded to the Cricut Machine for cutting. Here is the link to get started. Click the link to begin your download:

Cricut Designer Space

Step 4: Now What Can You Make With Your New Cricut Machine

  • Personalized Mugs & Cups
  • Customized T Shirts
  • Personalized Pillows
  • Labelling Things Around the Home 
  • Make Key Chains
  • Personalized Cards for Occasions
  • Wood Cutouts
  • Decals
  • Stickers

And the List goes On! Trust me, you can get really creative!

If you are looking for inspiration for designs; check out our website SVG Catalogue: HTV Labs SVG Files. We update our site daily with brand new SVG’s for All Occasions, Holidays, Calligraphy Sayings, Sports, Animals etc! We would like to extend a warm welcome into the Cricut Crafting World by offering you a free complimentary SVG download to get you creating right away! USE Code: FREESVG to claim it!


  1. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your computer, tablet or phone.
  2. Turn on your Cricut by briefly holding down the power button on the right side of the machine. Make sure to have your phone or computer’s Bluetooth settings open, watch closely for your machine to pop up on your device list. When it appears, click on it and choose to connect.
  3. If you are prompted to enter a code use: 0000
  4. If you are still experiencing trouble, you can always use the USB cable that came with your Cricut Machine.
  5. At this point, your computer and machine should be linked together and ready to go. A good tell tale to know if your machine and computer are linked is if the power button illuminates blue. You know now it will work!
  6. The Design Space is great because it will provide you with step by step guidance on how to start and finish every project. 


The nice thing about the Cricut Explore Air 2 is that is has a Smart Dial on the right side of the machine that is pre-programmed with material selections that will print properly on the chosen material. If for example you are cutting a poster board, the machine will automatically choose the right blade setting so that you won’t have to. Makes your life a lot easier!

The Smart Set Dial, found on the right hand side of the machine, is a feature guaranteed to make your life easier.

Here are the Cricut Smart Dial Settings:

  • Paper
  • Vinyl
  • Iron-On
  • Light Cardstock
  • Cardstock 
  • Fabric
  • Poster Board

Once you get using your Cricut Machine more, you will discover how the machine handles certain materials. You will then be able to turn the dial even between settings for a little less or a little more pressure as needed. It really is wonderful!

If you’re using another material — and let’s face it, you’re able to use well over a hundred different materials with this machine so why wouldn’t you? — all you need to do is turn the dial to the ‘Custom’ setting.

You can then select the exact material you’re using from the huge drop-down list in Design Space — and again, the Cricut will automatically adjust its blade settings so you don’t have to.




More Resources

Check out this Amazingly helpful tutorial from DIY Mommy.

She explains step by step on how to begin Crafting With Your new Cricut Machine! 

We wish you all the best with your Cricut machine! Don’t forget to download your first free HTV Labs SVG file for your craft! 

HTV Labs SVG Collection
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